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Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Category: Shoulders of giants

Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then he is not omnipotent.

Is he able but not willing? Then he is malevolent.

Is he both able and, willing? Then whence cometh evil?

Is he neither able nor willing? Then why call him God.

* Epicurus (341BCE - 270BCE)

The Quote reminds me a little of Nitche's statement "God is dead".
To which God is reputed to say; "Niche is dead". Only, Epicurus has been dead for thousands of years, and the annoying prick's word still resonate down the ages.
New theory: Global warming is God's way of wiping out Epicurus's legacy.

Sunday, November 01, 2009


Category: Holy Crap Mr.Wulf updates his blog!

A major breakout of epidemic proportions has hit Ukraine. As of 2nd of November. With the exception of a small, light article in The New York Times the western media is giving this story ABSOLUTELY NO COVERAGE.

However Russians, Poles, Slovaks are all taking this seriously.

Here is a translated article from Pravda.

1500 dead, 80000 infected. The country is shut down with all public events canceled and the Ukrainian President making an appeal to the nation.

Apparently, the lungs of the victims 'melt' and fill with blood.
It sounds like the initial reports say that it is either Pneumonic Plague or worse some nasty interaction of N1H1 (Swine flu) with Pneumonic Plague.

Best advice at this time is to stay informed. Eat your vitamins D,C,E and avoid public places.

What is really concerning and to me, giving massive credibility is the fact that the Western media is TOTALLY silent about this. I would expect over this week as the independent media leaks into the Consensus reality we will start hearing about it.

I will be updating this post with news and references as I find out more

* Ukrainian TV news (make sure English captions are enabled). State of emergency declared. 11 of the 53 deaths had Swine Flu so the Virus that kills is NOT just Swine Flu.

* English Independent News Video

* Virus melts lungs with temperature of 55 degrees (Translation from russian)

* Hungarian official epidemic advisory, rates Ukraine breakout damage as 'large'

* Finally, MSM report Financial Times of London, in the best tradition of 'responsible reporting' the report is positively benign.
Also they still report it as H1N1 and not Pneumonic Plague.

* Another translation from a foreign news site.

Thursday, January 08, 2009


CATEGORY: Gift from Dog

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

A lot of people seem confused by the history of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict and what are its roots, especially the younger population.
To explain it properly takes around 1000 pages, here is an explanation in 3 panels.
Bonus points, using lolcat/intertoobes language so that the young ones can understand.

Friday, January 02, 2009


Category: Manufacturing consent

Widely reported in the media, one of the leaders of Hamas, a terrorist organisation has recently been killed in the Israeli Gaza operation. The following photographs show the same event from various points of view. Goebbels, one of the fathers of current mass media/perception management said once 'It is an absolute right of the state to supervise the formation of the public opinion'.

There is a saying, 'Those who love sausage, ought not to investigate how it is made.'. Paraphrasing, 'Those who believe in public opinion, ought not to investigate how it is made.'.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
We start off with the generic stock photos, one from a video and one clearly a stock AFP photo. Very 'neutral' and 'objective' they show the man for who he clearly was. A passionate believer in his cause, an enemy of our western civilisation.
The Australian (Muroch) media captions the stock photo in quite a disgraceful way. Suprisingly inept and blunt it quotes "killed in '...his Gaza strip"Stronghold'. Naturally, we know that there are only evildoers in 'Strongholds'.

It is a well established fact that we, the peaceful people of the west live in 'Villages' and 'Houses'. The wild fantical evildoers live in 'Enemy compounds' and 'Strongholds'.
The usually more balanced BBC, has very little in reportage photos, in part because Israel is preventing western reporters entry into Gaza. The same photo at BBC has a very neutral caption.

The Jerusalem Post coverage of the same event similarly has a cookie cutter photo of a man clearly not of western persuasion. Beard and headcover befitting a barbarian.
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Notably there is another photo underneath, of Israeli sappers dismantling a Palestinian missile ('You see, this is why we killed him').

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
CNN who is widely considered by many conservative USIANs to be a 'liberal' news source has the War Porn images of 'surgical strikes' where a column of smoke wafts from a distance. Clinical and precise, the democracy is once again defended.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
When not obsessed by War Porn the US 'free media' coverage zooms in to show the actual target. The image is very tightly cropped so that we can not see the aftermath. Emergency workers (who NB in the US are just another arm of the security apparatus) are shown heroically fighting the smoke of the undefined target.

Then we get to the really outregously unacceptable media coverage.
The Belfast Telegraph shows sympathy for the brown skinned people unbefitting an objective representative of western free media. The terrorist stronghold can actually be identified as remnants of a residence in a residential neighbourhood.
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Note the degree of damage the 'precision dropped' 1 ton (2000 pound) munition has caused to the house (leveled it) and the surrounding houses (blasted by the powerful explosion).

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Two of the four Rayan childred killed in the same bombing that killed their father. This is what the Palestinians see daily.
This is what we, in the west will not see in our 'free' mass media.
(Source: on page 2)

The above sequence of reportage clearly demonstrates why we, in the west, believe it is perfectly fine to kill the brown skinned people. We are asked to believe one biased version and sold it as 'balanced' and the other as 'extremist'.

In closing, this is what our acting Prime Minister Julia Gillard said about the events documented above:
"While recognising Israel’s right to defend itself from such indiscriminate attacks, the Australian Government supports the United Nations Security Council’s call for an immediate halt to all violence.

The Australian Government also urges Israel, Hamas and other militant groups to make every effort to avoid causing further suffering to innocent civilians."

Monday, December 29, 2008


Category: Gift from Dog

Contrary to all the anti-Semites out there protesting the alleged 'disproportionate use of power' against the Palestinians, I decided to put a positive spin on the latest defensive action by the Israelis.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Cathedergory: Looking for work in all the wrong places

[Joyful dance tune wakes up some of my cow-orkers]

MONKEY: O'Hai Mr.Fierce, you have recently applied for the role of a Nuclear Scientist with us, is it ok to talk?

ME: Hai, one sec, let me wonder into the broom cupboard so I don't wake the retiries and retards here, they get angry and grimace at me if I wake them up from their 'before the go home time' nap (Working in Public Service atm)

MONKEY: I'm just going to pre-screen you for this role.

ME: Really? You? You barely sound out of your teens, maybe we should talk about who that bloke from 'Entourage' is dating, or what shampoo brand I'm using. No seriously, how the fuck you would be qualified? Oh thats right, 'Behavioural Interview Techniques'... ok do your worst.

MONKEY: So did you do Nuclear Scienticism before?

ME: Er... No, actually, you got me there, Its my hobby, applying for jobs I have no clue about, ruining my professional reputation and then trying to find a job in this shoe-box town. No wait, I'm just kidding.
Of course I did the fucking Nuclear Scienticism before, wait, by nuclear Scienticism do you mean what most people mean when they ask this question, the "Nookular Saintifism" or the actuall honest to god, there is only 3 blokes in this godforsaken hole of a provincial, arse end of planet pit town that would even be remotely able to count the quarks if Nuclear Science sat on your face and wiggled enthusiastically.

MONKEY: It's the other one...

ME: Ok, lucky for you have some notes there. You have absolutely no clue what the sounds coming out of your mouth mean. Do you?

MONKEY: I need to know how you actually have done Nuclear Science before.

ME: ...

ME: You want me to tell you how I did Nuclear Science?

MONKEY: Yes. Tell me, from the beginning.

ME: Ok... you know how the Ancient Greeks thought the world was composed of small indivisible particles called atoms? They were wrong, they are actually divisible, some of them iteratively into smaller and smaller particles, each having wacky properties. Presently we believe that the smallest parts are superstrings which have the interesting property of wafting in and out of our universe, cool eh? In fact, most are not particles as such, more like fields of probability but lets not split Higgs bosons [CHUCKLE CHUCKLE]...

MONKEY: On to the next question...

ME: Wait... I just started....[summarising 10 years of work into one sentence with the dreadful realisation that it does not matter an iota] ...AND THATS HOW I DEVELOPED A SELF SUSTAINING FUSION REACTION WITH JUST SOME MOUTHWASH AND MATCHES!

MONKEY: So... have you done any coal oven cleaning?

ME: But did not you say, 'Nuclear Science' before?

MONKEY: Coal oven cleaning.

ME: Sure, Ive cleaned fusion piles reducing the risk of radioactive contaminants entering the biosphere... organising transportation convoys to storage and disposal facilities (a.k.a. A third world country). Yeah sure, I CAN clean a mere coal oven... Fuck, if it's going to stave off starvation and keep the roof over my head, I WAS FUCKING BORN TO CLEAN OVENS! LOVE THEM THE BLACK FUCKERS! I ONCE MADE LOVE TO A COAL FUCKING OVEN TILL MY DICK TURNED PURPLE!!!! FUCK LOVE THE BITCHES! YEAH!
But I thought you said it was a Nuclear Science Jo...

MONKEY: Ok, thank you, we may contact you if you need more information.

ME: Oh God, NOW I remember, you're the firm I couldn't figure out before why of all the recruiter firms in town never gave me an interview. You employ all the cute, dumb ones in your Admin team, don't you? Hullo? Hullo?

Ah, well, fuck them, when my contract expires and I can't find another Nuclear Scientist position, I'm going to sell my body on the streets again.
Good pay, but my arse hurt all the time.

Five dolla sailor? Sukie Sukie?

Lol, I'm just kidding. I'll do what I did before I found my current scam.
Black market freelance organ transplant harvesting. Igor says he misses, me.
Apparently no one can supply healthy kidneys as quickly as I can.
That or I'll go into Politics... Nah... I do have SOME self respect.

P.S. Human resource recruiters will be the first against the wall when the revolution comes. Mark my words.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Category: Random brain fart

A new(old) meme that I have recently encountered resulted in this new Album, "Before he became Robin" by S.Y.Glazyev.

How this came to be?
1) Go to wikipedia.org and choose a random article, thats your 'group' name.
2) Select a random page and pick the last four words from the page for a title.
3) Go to flickr.com and select the third image from 'Explore, Last 7 days'.

Random pieces thrown randomly for a meaningless CD cover thats never was and never will be but for a random intersect flickering into a brief existence.

More albums here.